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If I’d been able to plan my childhood in preparation for a writing career, I couldn’t have done any better than the life I experienced.

Having a professional soldier for a father can be an exciting and unusual life. It certainly doesn’t give a youngster an opportunity to settle into a rut. I celebrated my 11th birthday in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, traveling by ship to Japan with my mother and two brothers. For two years, we lived in Hamadera, Japan, a small fishing village on the Bay of Osaka. What an adventure for a young boy. Imagine the thrill of immersing in an alien culture; helping Japanese fishermen haul in their nets; or playing baseball on the beach with kids who didn’t speak the same language.

For my next foray into foreign lands, I enjoyed three of my high school years living in Mainz, Germany along the historic Rhine River. Not only did I have an opportunity to savor the heritage and cuisine of the German people, but I was also able to travel extensively in France. It was particularly exciting for a teenager to experience the sights of Paris and to bask in the sun on the splendor of isolated Riviera beaches.

After graduating high school, I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, first as a tank driver and then as Battalion S-3 (training and planning) clerk with a “secret” clearance. Along with a multitude of life lessons, the Corps taught me anyone could go beyond the physical and mental limits we often placed upon ourselves.

While juggling a career in sales and sales management and my duties as a single parent of twin boys, I managed to publish seven novels, three of which are historical fiction.

“Fascinating Tales From Obscure History,” my first venture into book-length nonfiction, delves into the intriguing stories historians have let slip into obscurity. These are tales that look down the dusty corridors of time and bring to life the real people who carved their names in the annals of history.

My writing has won the Southwest Border Regional Library Association Award for historical fiction and the Council for Wisconsin Writers Best Novel of the Year. I currently enjoy living and working in the wonderful atmosphere of small-town America—Pittsburg, Texas.


Book of the month

Suffer The Children

Would you risk your life for a couple of kids you don’t even know?

Virtually overnight, Jonathon Wilson’s carefree bachelor world has been turned upside down. His sister is dead from a drug overdose that may or may not have been accidental, and he’s suddenly the guardian of a niece and nephew—who’ve been sexually and emotionally abused.

Fighting a Government Bureaucracy to keep the children out of the foster care system is only the beginning of his problems. His sister’s former drug dealer wants to ask the children some questions, and they aren’t likely to survive the interrogation. Now Jon must decide whether he is willing to die to protect two kids he didn’t even know existed two months ago.

Fascinating Tales From Obscure History


The Vagabond Healer

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