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Great News!  My novel, Suffer The Children, is a 2021 Global Book Award winner! See my book description.

I love writing and telling stories.  If I'd lived in the Middle Ages I’d probably have been a traveling story teller, earning my supper by sharing stories around the evening camp fires.  Actually I built this website because I want to share stories with you—at no cost or obligation.

Yes, believe it or not, I’d love to give you a weekly FREE story.  On my book page you’ll see the book, Fascinating Tales From Obscure History.  This is a collection of stories I had written in 2019 and collected into a book.  Every Saturday I send a story about obscure history, which hopefully will entertain and inform. Volume Two: Fascinating Tales From Obscure History is a collection of stories written in 2020.  The plan is for a new collection of stories to be published each year—or until I run out of stories or old age catches up to me.

The journey through my world begins with an adventure we’ll enjoy together.  You too can receive these weekly stories from obscure history by subscribing to my newsletter.  If you’re wondering what these stories are about, obscure history is history you probably never learned in school because for the most part it deals with little known events and actual people who make the past come alive.

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James R. Olson: About the Author

Before We Begin

An author biography usually lists all sorts of boring stuff like where I’ve lived and all the pertinent dates for the major events in life.  I’ll get to some of that stuff in a moment.  First I want to point out that I’ve had a really great life.  Oh, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses by any means.  I’ve had my share of wins and loses, joy and sorrow, laugher and tears.  But all told, if I could go back in time, I don’t think I’d change a single thing.

I was born in Kewanee, Illinois and really loved the small town life, which wasn’t destined to last very long.  My Dad was a professional soldier, and the family followed him to various duty stations.  I celebrated my 11th birthday in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, traveling by ship to Japan with my mother and two brothers. For two years we lived in Hamadera, Japan, a small fishing village on the Bay of Osaka. What an adventure for a young boy. Imagine the thrill of immersing in an alien culture; helping Japanese fishermen haul in their nets or playing baseball on the beach with kids who didn’t even speak the same language.

I spent three of my High School years living in Mainz, Germany along the historic Rhine River. Not only did I have an opportunity to savor the heritage and cuisine of the German people, I was able to travel extensively in France. It was particularly exciting for a teenager to experience the sights of Paris, and to bask in the sun on the splendor of isolated Riviera beaches.

I did my tour of duty in the Marine Corps, first as a tank driver and then as Battalion S-3 (training and planning) clerk with a “secret” clearance.  Once a Marine, always a Marine.  Along with a multitude of life lessons, the Corps taught me anyone could go beyond the physical and mental limits we often place upon ourselves.

I think I always wanted to write stories, but didn’t get serious until I got out of the Marines.  When life didn’t interfere, (I was the single parent of twin boys) I was always writing something or another.  Houghton Mifflin Company published my first novel, Ulzana, in 1973.  Since then I’ve published seven other novels.

“Fascinating Tales From Obscure History,” my first venture into book-length nonfiction, delves into the intriguing stories historians have let slip into obscurity. These are tales that look down the dusty corridors of time and bring to life the real people who carved their names in the annals of history.

Life is so much fun I’m still plugging away in my retirement, but now I write for the sheer pleasure of it.  Along with the short historical pieces for my weekly newsletter, I'm in the process of narrating all my titles, one by one, into audio books.  Currently The Vagabond Healer, Suffer The Children and Injun are available in audio editions (Click on the books below in the book section to select eBook, paperback, or audio).

My writing has won the Southwest Border Regional Library Association Award for historical fiction and the Council for Wisconsin Writers Best Novel of the Year. In retirement I've returned to the wonderful atmosphere of small-town America, this time in Texas—Pittsburg, Texas.

Only the most recent four of my nine books are shown here. 

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Suffer The Children A 2021 Global Book Award Winner!

Would you risk your life for a couple of kids you don’t even know?

Virtually overnight, Jonathon Wilson’s carefree bachelor world has been turned upside down. His sister is dead from a drug overdose that may or may not have been accidental, and he’s suddenly the guardian of a niece and nephew—who’ve been sexually and emotionally abused.

Fighting a Government Bureaucracy to keep the children out of the foster care system is only the beginning of his problems. His sister’s former drug dealer wants to ask the children some questions, and they aren’t likely to survive the interrogation. Now Jon must decide whether he is willing to die to protect two kids he didn’t even know existed two months ago.

Fascinating Tales From Obscure History


The Vagabond Healer

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